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If you are thinking of selling your home here are some tips to get you started.

Setting your price

If you want to sell you need to know how much your home is worth. You can ask me to do a CMA (current market evaluation) of your home. I will look at the active listings in the area that are comparable to your home and the recent sales and give you a price range that the home is likely to sell. I can also advise you what should be done to give your home more curb appeal. You can also hire an appraiser to give you an estimate of the value of your home. This can be used in the marketing of your home later i.e.: (Price based on recent appraisal).

Curb Appeal

The buyers that will walk into your home will notice every little detail and scrutinize it based on the other homes they have viewed that day. Curb appeal is essential to selling a home for full price and selling it quickly. A well maintained home with proper pricing usually outshines the competition and will sell even in a slower market. If you have the time to planning ahead can help in making your home more appealing. Plant tulips in front if you know you are going to be selling the following spring. If you are selling in the summer make sure the lawn is watered and fertilized earlier in the year. De thatching a lawn and over seeding it can make it look like a golf course later in the year.

De-personalize the home

If a buyer is to envision your home as their future home it should be free of your family photos and personal tastes. You have to imagine that the home is not yours any more and you are decorating and organizing it to suite most people. If you converted the dining room into an office space put the dining room table back where it belongs and set up four place settings. You may love your pet but some buyers may not. Make sure to take the pet out of the home during showings. If there are traces of the pet in the back yard clean it up. The goal of staging a home is to make it more appealing to a broad section of buyers.


The average spec home built buy builders is generally neutral in color scheme. If purple is your favorite bedroom color you may wish to buy some paint and rethink some of your color schemes. Go to a paint store and ask for some advice if needed. If you have red, orange, brown or harvest gold carpet you should go to a carpet store and have it replaced with something newer. These colors have not been in fashion for 20-30 years. Anything that dates the home will make it feel old and not well maintained. Cloud White (Benjamin Moore) makes an excellent trim color!

Is your home dated?

Light fixtures and smoke alarms are simple and inexpensive to replace. If your hot water tank is past it's 6 year warranty get a new one installed before it is discovered in a building inspection. A few simple upgraded can be far less expensive than your first price decrease if the home does not sell in the first 60 days. If you were a buyer what would you like to see?

Clean your home

Your home will seem more appealing if it is free of pet and cooking smells. Buy a scented candle from Pier 1 and replace the furnace filter with a top of the line new filter. Consider hiring a cleaning service to bring your home up to snuff. Usually sellers are too busy trying to find a new home and pack to properly clean their home for showings. Start packing up non-essential items and clear out the clutter in the home.

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