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Cool weather ideal for fall gardening


With the hot days of summer past, cooler temperatures and seasonal showers create the ideal conditions for fall planting in preparation for next Spring. The gardening team at Canadian Tire offers these tips for continued enjoyment of your garden right through the fall.

• Fall planting is a great way to celebrate and enjoy the start of the new season. Chrysanthemums, an all-time favorite, come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors of bloom. These make for incredible show of fall color whether planted in the garden bed to replace the annual flowers or arranged in a decorative planter on the porch or deck. Garden centre's such as those at Canadian Tire offer a wide range of colours for you to chose from.

• Planting perennials, trees, shrubs or evergreens in Fall is an excellent way for these plants to get a start on establishing a strong root system and showier plants for next Spring. Planning and doing some of the work now can make it much easier once the warmer weather arrives again and will you give a jump on Spring.

• Another way to get a jump on Spring is to plant Fall bulbs. These bulbs need to be planted from mid-September until the first harsh frost as they require a cooling or winter period to set the flower. Your local Canadian Tire garden centre has a great selection of premium Fall bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus and much more.

• Be creative! Enjoy this fall season by introducing cornstalks, straw bales, pumpkins, gourds, or colorful plants arranged in your favorite container. Make it an event for you and your family.

- News Canada

Home improvement tips: The roof maintenance checklist

Home improvement tips

Your roof is a strategic component in your home's protective shell. A roof's longevity and its ability to remain waterproof will be increased if it is properly maintained. The following checklist can help you evaluate the condition of your roof in order to determine if it's time to consider a quick fix or a major overhaul.

Condition of the roof: Inspect the surface and list the required minor repairs. It may be necessary to add repair compound around any openings such as the chimney. Repair or replace aged or damaged shingles, remove moss and mildew and clean out the gutters.

The attic: If accessible, verify the following items:

Water tightness: An inspection of the attic is a good way to find potential sources of water leaks. Dark stained areas on wood are usually signs of water damage. The accumulation of ice in the lower areas of the roof may also cause water leakage.

Insulation: Formation of ice on lower areas of your roof is also a sign of poor insulation. Make sure your ceiling insulation is composed of a continuous vapour barrier and an insulating material. The vapour barrier must be airtight, and all holes for pipes and cables must be sealed. This prevents warm and humid air from going through to the attic and condensing just under the roof structure, during cold weather. Insulation material should provide an R-factor of 30 or more.

Ventilation: Appropriate ventilation and insulation of the attic allows the air to circulate under the roof. In winter, proper ventilation reduces the melting of snow and the resulting risk of ice accumulation on the lower portions of the roof. In summer, it makes the house more comfortable and limits the overheating of the shingles.

If your roof inspection uncovers problems and extensive wear, it may be necessary to consider giving it a face-lift. On average, Canadian homeowners replace their roofing materials every 18 years at an average cost of $4,500 per project, based on a standard 1,000 square foot bungalow roof.

A Canadian company, Technique, has created a simple, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to replacing roof shingles. The breakthrough product is called Elastomeric Roof Coating and you apply it like paint over your old asphalt shingle or sheet-metal roof with a roller or airless sprayer. It is guaranteed to extend the life of your roof for up to seven years because the UV-resistant barrier it forms between your roofing material and the elements stops deterioration.

For as little as $700, you can regenerate your roof yourself and avoid the costly replacement of aging shingles and membranes. Your face-lift can be simple or dramatic since this coating is the only product of its kind that comes in a wide range of colours, including black, brown, green, grey, white and aluminum.

The product can be used on sloping, flat or vertical surfaces or any roof using asphalt shingles or flat elastomeric membranes. For more information, visit

- News Canada

Fall fix-it tips for your lawn

lawn care

Fall weather provides a great opportunity to fix up your lawn. In fact, the fall months represent the best time of year to repair your lawn and eliminate invasive weeds.

During the fall, your lawn will benefit from cool nights, more rainfall and heavier dews, all of which create the ideal conditions to repair damage from the hot summer months.

With a minimum investment of time, you can take advantage of this gift from Mother Nature to repair bare spots, thicken your lawn and eliminate weeds. Scotts PatchMaster Lawn Repair Mix will germinate in just seven days. The mix includes improved varieties of Creeping Red Fescue, Perennial Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass, Scotts Starter Fertilizer for a fast start and steady growth, and Scotts Starter Mulch to hold moisture for good germination.

Scotts Winter care Fall Lawn Fertilizer Provides essential nutrients for vigorous growth of turf grasses in the fall. Apply it as your last feeding of the year to help prepare your lawn for winter and provide better green-up next spring.

For those who prefer alternative lawn care products, Scotts Eco Sense Natural Lawn Fertilizer 10-1-5 can be used through October for a thicker, greener lawn.

- News Canada

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