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This last week Internet explorer 10 was released. The new Internet browser has many new features and was part of the Windows 8 build. The biggest change was the adoption of HTML 5 and CSS 3. This change prompted me to upgrade my entire web site from HTML 4 to HTML 5. I can now but nice curves on images and make text glow. The next big change will to make several of my web pages more mobile friendly.

The pages also load 50% faster. If you are using an older web browser there are several new features you may be missing while surfing the web. Here are some links to upgrade whatever you are using.

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History of Nanaimo (highlights)

There are many things we take for granted in our world today without really knowing why. If you go back just a little way in history you can find some interesting facts. Nanaimo is not that old and we are really blessed to have all the things we do such as roads, hospitals, running water and electricity.

1857 -Gold was discovered on the banks of the Fraser River which prompted Great Britain to establish a new colony known as British Columbia.

1860 - the Name of Nanaimo was changed on the maps from Colville Town to Nanaimo.

1866 - Queen Victoria gave permission for Vancouver Island and BC colonies to unite.

1867 - Canada is formed with it's first Prime Minister.

1870 - Limestone from Newcastle Island is shipped to San Francisco to build their mint.

1871 - BC joins Canada 1872 - The Fitzwilliam mine opens

1874 - The first curling club opens.

1875 - A cattle trail opens to Cowichan giving Nanaimo access to the farms. The Bastion Bridge was built.

1876 - Nanaimo harbour freezes from Departure Bay to Protection Island. The ice was thick enough to transport coal in sleighs.

1878 - Pauline Haarer at 15 starts teaching in the girls school under principal Margaret Planta. William Wall installs BC'S first telephone between Wellington and Departure Bay.

1883 - Nanaimo's first hospital is built. The city runs a deficit as a result.

1890 - Nanaimo received its first electrical power.

1891 - The union Brewing Company started and ran until prohibition at which point Japan bought it in 1923.

1901 - Nanaimo gets long distance phone line to Vancouver.

1906 - The first automobile visits Nanaimo from Victoria.

1922 - Traffic changes from driving on the left to the right side of the road throughout BC.

1949 - The CPR ferry opens to Vancouver.

1957 - Terminal Plaza opens, Vancouver Island's first mall (BC'S second mall after Park Royal).

1962 - New Nanaimo Golf Club opens on Highland Blvd.

Nanaimo Golf Club on Wakesiah

(the first course was built in 1920 on Wakesiah, the Quarterway Pub was it's clubhouse)

1965 - Air West starts flying to Vancouver and Northbrook Mall opens (Brooks Landing).

1969 - The first bathtub race.

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