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There are 30 manufactured homes for sale in Nanaimo (Sept 2017). There were 120 available in 2013. The inventory is the lowest I have seen in years.

They range in price from $55,000 to $300,000. The higher priced units are either larger, newer or have land included in the price.

There are several names for a manufactured home ; mobile homes, modular homes, Park Models. The origin of these home was essentially a manufactured home on a trailer. In recent years they have come to be built on foundations and are built with the current building codes. The newer homes are in fact not very mobile. There are two types of ownership homes on freehold land and homes on leased land. There are over 25 modular home parks in Nanaimo and many of them are age restricted to 55+.

Things to consider when buying or selling a mobile / manufactured home.

Mobile Home Parks in Nanaimo (Manufactured Home Parks)


Family Parks


Cedar Ridge Mobile Home Park, 2161 Walsh Road, Cedar, no pets, unless it's a guide animal.
Cedar Meadows Mobile Home Park, 1385 MacMillan Road, allows small pets**
Forest Glade Mobile Home Park,. 1310 Spruston Road, Nanaimo, allows pets**.
Jinglepot RV and Campground, 4012 Jinglepot Road, Jinglepot.
Meadow Ridge Estates, 295 9th Street, South Nanaimo.
Park Lane Mobile Home Park, 971 Douglas Ave, South Nanaimo, allows small pets**.
Riverside Trailer Park, 1698 Wilkinson Road, Nanaimo.
Seabird Mobile Home Park, 3449 Hallberg Road, Chase River.
Southgate Mobile Home Park, 1226 Lawlor Road, Chase River.
Timberlands Mobile Home Park, 1736 Timberlands Road, Chase River, allows pets with Park approval.


Age Restricted Parks


Brookdale Estates, 61 12th Street, Chase River, 55+, allows small pets**
Cassidy Mobile Home Park, 1572 Seabird Road, Chase River, 55+, allows small pets**
Crest II Mobile Home Park, 6130 Denver Way, Pleasant Valley, 55+, allows small pets**
Crest II Mobile 55+ Home Park
Crest Mobile Home Park, 6245 Metral Drive, North Nanaimo, 55+, no pets, unless it's a guide animal.
Crest Mobile Home Park 6245 Metral Drive
Deerwood Estates, 3927 Deerwood Blvd, Jinglepot, 55+, allows pets with Park approval.
Deerwood Estates, Nanaimo, 55+ Modular Home Park
Dogwood Village Mobile Home Park, 2501 Labieux Road, Diver Lakek, 55+, allows small pets**
Ed's Mobile Home Park, 24 Honey Drive, South Nanaimo, 55+, allows small pets**
Maple Glen Mobile Home Park, 7071 Lantzville Road, Lower Lantzville, 55+
Mountain View Mobile Home Park, 80 5th Street, South Nanaimo, 55+
Parklands Mobile Home Park, 6820 Parklands Place, Upper Lantzville, 55+
Petroglyph Mobile Home Park, 1000 Chase River Road, South Nanaimo, No Children Under 19, allows small pets**
Petroglyph Park Nanaimo
Pleasant Valley Mobile Home Park, 5931 Island Highway, Pleasant Valley, 55+
Seabreeze Mobile Home Park, 25 Maki Road, Chase River, 55+, allows small pets**
Sharman Mobile Home Park, 6325 Metral Drive, Pleasant Valley, 55+, no pets, unless it's a guide animal.
Sharman Mobile Home Park
Sunny Slope Mobile Home Park, 1359 Cranberry Avenue, Chase River, 55+, allows small pets**
Valley Oak Estates, 1918 Jingle Pot Road, Nanaimo, 55+, allows one small pet with approval.
Willow Mobile Home Park, 1067 Collier Crescent, South Nanaimo, 55+, allows small pets**
Wish-Sha Mobile Home Park, 2301 Arbot Road, South Nanaimo, 55+, no pets, unless it's a guide animal.
Woodgrove Estates, 5854 Turner Road, Pleasant Valley, 55+, allows pets**
** Those Parks that allow pets may require Park approval for that pet.

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Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act

Mobile Home Tenancy Laws

A landlord must not charge a person anything for; accepting an application for a tenancy, processing the application.

A landlord must not require or accept a security deposit in respect of a manufactured home site tenancy.

If a landlord accepts a security deposit from a tenant, the tenant may deduct the amount of the security deposit from rent or otherwise recover the amount.

A landlord must reimburse a tenant for amounts paid for emergency repairs if the tenant claims reimbursement for those amounts from the landlord, and gives the landlord a written account of the emergency repairs accompanied by a receipt for each amount claimed.

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